About Us

At Led Market, we came into the LED business with a passion to bring the best most exclusive, unique and  high quality products to the Australian and New Zealand Market.

The aim of our website is to bring simplicity to our customers. We want to take the jargon out of choosing your LED products. Our FAQ section is a proof that we are determined to make it easy for you.

We are also determined to keep our prices reasonable and offer you the best value for money possible. We are not the cheapest, we never claim to be. We don't say we will price match, because our products in most cases are in another league. Our High Bay lights are made in Taiwan out of the best components possible and come with one of the most reputable driver, Meanwell. Once you get used to the light density and beauty of COB light, you will never go back to SMD lights. 

At LED Market , its all about very high quality products at reasonable prices. The idea is that if someone buys from us once, they keep coming back for our products and our prices. We believe Customer loyalty is everything.

We don't have showrooms in high rental areas, so we don't have to pass on high costs to our customer. The owner, Humayun, operates his business from his home at Kenthurst, and is determined to pass on the savings to his customers. 

The owner's passion to bring good products at the best prices to his consumers is further shown by the fact that he uses his house as the only showroom, his garage as his office, to meet clients and his shed as the distribution centre.

At Led Market, when we see a great product with a manufacturer, we insist on making it even better and tailoring it to our customers. As you can see, we went through a lot of effort to bring you some exciting products at reasonable prices. 

Examples are changing single color chips to  3 CCT chips in most of our down-lights, so our customers can have the ultimate freedom. We upgraded most of the standard drivers to  flicker free, dimmable drivers. We also upgraded most of the standard chips to  high quality chips like Bridgelux, Cree, Citizen and Epistar. We worked with  high quality suppliers to bring you the best products, with more choices.

Take the example of our high bay lights, and street lights. Humayun has personally witnessed the record of some of the models that he sells, running for 3 years, non stop in a very warm room (higher than 35 degree celsius). The reason behind such stable performance is the very high quality of aluminium used in the heatsink of our high bay and street light. The manufacturer has gone to the extent of using 1050 grade Aluminium in the reflector of the high bay lights. 1050 grade Aluminium has one of the highest thermal conductivity, so even the reflector plays a role in heat dissipation. We need very high quality components and materials in high bay and street lighting because of the harsh conditions these lights have to usually operate under.  After all, when something bad happens to a high-bay or street light, you have to hire very expensive equipment to replace them. The cost of the light becomes negligible in comparison to labour and equipment hire costs. When we offer you 5 years warranty, we don't keep our fingers crossed and hope nothing bad will happen. We are very confident, based on the performance record of our products, that nothing bad will happen; and if something does happen, we will be right behind our products and eager to resolve any issues you may have.We do not shy away from any warranty issues, so you can shop with us in confidence. 

Another example is the downlight D25W. This downlight is designed and made in Taiwan for high end residential and commercial environments. The material used is anodised primary aluminium. The brightness is good enough to replace up to 4 traditional downlights. It comes standard with flicker free, Triac dimmable driver and 5 years warranty. Its a light we believe most of our customers have not seen before. You will be proud to show it off to your friends . Brought to you exclusively by LED Market.

Another range is our X3, X15 and X20 downlights. You are able to choose from 20 different surface mounting rings, to make your project the most unique. This range is a dream come true for Architects. 

Our side lit Flat panel is another example of a great product, with a UGR less than 19.  Its customised with high lumen Bridgelux chips, giving out 3600 lumens (not at chip but at lamp) out of a mere 30 watts. Comes with Mitsubishi PMMA LGP and polycarbonate diffuser. The driver is dimmable and flicker free,  made be one of the most reputable driver maker in China Boke. This panel comes with 5 years standard warranty. 

Rest assured, all our products come with SAA certificates as required by relevant regulations.