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400 Strands Fiber Optic Harness

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PMMA fiber optic harness: 400pcs, 0.75mm thick end lit, 5 meter long. You will need to punch 400 x 1 mm holes in your ceiling.Keep your light generator in the middle of the room inside your ceiling. Please make sure you have a 240Volt power supply, preferably connected to on/off switch on your room switch board. Please do not use a downlight power supply, as you will need to keep your downlights on to be able to run your star ceiling generator.  Pass one strand from inside the ceiling into the room every time you punch a hole with a 1 mm drill bit. Once you have covered your entire ceiling with 400 strands, randomly distributed. We recommend you spray paint the ceiling into a dark colour, grey, dark blue or black. Super mat paint is recommended as reflections are not desirable. The spray paint will jam the strands into position. Cut all the strands, leaving about a centimeter length showing out of the plaster. Connect the other end of the harness into your generator, and watch your room convert into a beautiful night star ceiling. Best gift you can give to your kids. It will make it worth your while once you the end product. 

  • 0.75x5m
  • 400 pieces