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Strip light All in one Controller, with RF remote, DIM,3CCT,RGB,RGBW

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Constant voltage, 4 channels into 6Amp each, a total of 576Watt , all in one controller with RF remote. 
DIM/CCT/RGB/RGBW RF repeater and amplifier. The DLV003 without the remote will function as an amplifier or repeater. As you might be aware that its not a good idea to connect long runs of Constant voltage strips. But how can you wire two constant voltage strips and make them work in sync. Very easy.
Buy one HX-DLV003-RFBK kit. Connect it to your strip, as per the instructions. Remember DLV-003 is an all in one controller. It can work as a dimmer, as a colour temperature controller for CCT strips, as an RGB or RGBW controller. Now that you have connected the first strip, to a constant voltage power supply, and an HX-DLV003-RFBK kit. All you have to do it connect your next strip to another CV power supply and a DLV003. You can do this for all your strips. i.e. buy one power supply and DLV003 for each one of your strips. One remote will run all your system in Sync. If you would like them to be different zones, that is possible as well. Just program each strip as a different zone. In this case, they will not be in Sync. You are limited to a maximum of 4 zones per remote. Also note, that your zones can be different, one zone could be RGB, one RGBW, one could just be doing dimming. 
The most versatile and complete controller on the market. 

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This product is truly amazing in all aspects,it does everything needed when controlling different zones etc,I must mention that the service provided was second to none,swift easy transactions,prompt hassle free delivery,I would definitely use LEDMARKET for future purchases

  • 12-24VDC
  • 3 Years
  • 576W
  • 6AX4CH
  • Constant Voltage
  • IP20