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Retrofit Street light, 115W,180 deg, E40, lamp white 4000K

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Caution: Please remove the old ballast from your fixture as it comes complete with an inbuilt driver

Uses: Energy efficient replacement for HPS and MH E40 globe replacement for street light and shoebox lights without replacing the housing

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115 Watts, IP51, E40 base, 13000 Lumens High output Philips Lumiled 3030 Chips, 4000K white, CRI>70.Durable materials, like Magnesium alloy, aluminium and polycarbonate construction. Save environment and power bills by replacing your HID, MH and HPS globes with this economical fitting, As it is heavier than traditional lamps, it comes with a suspension kit that attaches to the furthest end of the light to take over the weight. The magnesium alloy chassis is rotatable to allow a perfect down facing fitting without altering the existing E40 holder fitting,  90 x 150 degree beam angle, Heat sink and single Sunon fan for heat dissipation, Driver is built inside the fitting so you will need to remove the old ballast from your fixture. Comes with SAA and 5 years warranty.                                                                              LED Retrofit Kit make it simple to replace: parking lot lighting, shoe box lighting, street lighting, flood lighting,wall pack lighting, and canopy lighting etc.            Dimensions 297 x 138 x 87mm                                                                           Weight 1.31 Kg


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  • 1.31kg
  • 115-130lm
  • 115W
  • 12500lm
  • 4000K
  • 491x427x131
  • 5 Years
  • 90x150
  • >70
  • >–20°C~50°C
  • AC100-240V
  • E40
  • IP51
  • SAA
  • SMD